I still ride a bike, but rarely wear kilts.

I’ve been working as a journalist in just about every form of media since 2005. Career highlights include: being left to man the weekend newsroom and cover a local Hells Angels convention, a road trip with one of my favourite cousins (I have many favourite cousins, for the record) to visit a former cult to interview its remaining members, falling asleep to the underwater sounds of humpbacks in the Pacific Northwest, and puzzling out the details of life on a small west coast island.

Really though, the time I spent travelling and producing radio documentaries constitute one highlight and being the entire newsroom on Bowen Island for four and a half years, is the other. I’m almost fully recovered from the latter, a job I am utterly grateful for because it forced me to find my voice, and use it. Now I have to keep using it, that’s what the blog is about.

It’s cliché I know but, my kids are my greatest work. My current challenge is to be there for them, to enjoy them, to find time and space for creative expression, and help pay the bills at the same time. I’d also like to sleep until 8am, watch Netflix occasionally, make the world a more fair and equal place for all humans and help clear up this climate change mess.